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Dance like no one is watching

2/5/07 05:38 pm - charlichic

Hey guys! 
For my art final this year, I wanted to do something ballet. I was thinking of doing a diary of the ballet world, and Im trying to show how hard dancers really work. So if anyone has any photos of themselves in class, in ballet tights and leo, I would love them. If you arent comfortable sending them to me, thats fine, I dont want to use them without your permission, but I would love them. Anything, from class to just stretching at home.
Thanks in advance!! 
Luv Loz xoxo

9/29/06 04:19 pm - panda_rose

I made these and thought Id share. Is it ok to post them here?
You don't have to credit but I love comments.
 More here.

9/14/05 06:06 pm - angelbear425

Hey everyone. I recently found a leotard that I purchased for dance and it ends up that I cannot use it. I decided to sell it instead. It is Capezio ABT leotard size XL. It's black with an additional pale blue piece on top and it has double straps. It looks like a tank under the leotard. It's really cute! I usually wear a size medium or large and this one fit me for sizing. I cant send pics because my comp crashed =( If you are interested please comment to this and I will send you a price. I am selling it really cheap too.

12/27/04 10:11 am - saradancer

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12/26/04 02:45 pm - saradancer


12/26/04 12:28 pm - saradancer

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12/26/04 12:03 pm - saradancer

I've noticed this community is a little dry....that's why I made us some banners!! please promote us every now and again :)

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12/14/04 10:12 pm - orientalflower - New Sylvie Guillem Site

I've started a new sylvieguillem community for fans to keep track of the elusive dancer's latest movements, available photos online and recorded performances.

It's also for you to post reviews of her - and why you like/dislike her controversial style. I hope you guys will join it. Tira!

12/6/04 09:50 pm - 3ballerina6

NUTCRACKER PICTURES!!! Most of them didn't turn out very well, but a few of them are okay :) They aren't in order...please forgive me!! :)

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12/6/04 09:00 am - 3ballerina6

Ha ha...nice...I found some pictures of me, as a hideous little fourth grader... :-/ You can check them out, too.

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